School Program

Native teacher in school program

GlobalEd's goal is to improve the English ability of students in schools across Indonesia.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality native speaking English Teachers to our In School Program in Indonesia

Program Goals

  • Increase students exposure to Native English speaking teachers.
  • Enhance the quality of English education in Indonesian schools.
  • Develop students’ confidence In using english through Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.


Native teachers

All of GlobalEd's native teachers are from six native speaking countries Australia, America, Ireland Canada, The UK and New Zealand.

We do not provide any teachers to schools were english is not the teachers first language unlike some of our competetors.

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To learn more about getting GlobalEd to teach in your school please get in contact with us to arrange a Demo class in your school.

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Schools we teach in

Gita Bangsa

Gita Bangsa is a Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior High schoola located in Panongan, Tangerang.

Citra Kasih

Citra Kasih is an Elementary school located in Cibodas, Tangerang

T.K. Harapan

T.K. Harapan is a kindergarten school in Tanah Tinggi, Tangerang.